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CALM Cal Mag Supplement

Calm Calmag Powder Supplement

CALM cal mag powder with potassium and vitamin C is a calcium magnesium supplement that feeds the nerves. It's an instant way for calming, de-stressing, and relaxing.

What does Calm Cal Mag do?

Helps you relax naturally and improves your sleep
• Reduces and relieves stress naturally
• Perfect for heat exhaustion and fatigue
• Reduces aches, pains and muscle cramps

Vegan Friendly
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Cal Mag - Calcium Magnesium Supplement

200g Powder
149.00 R(VAT incl.)

CALM Cal Mag can be used for:

Stress and Anxiety

Arthritis / Joint Pains


Eczema / Psoriasis

High Blood Pressure


Sleep Problems


Pre Mentrual Pain

Focus and Concentration



Heat Exhaustion

Adrenal Burn Out

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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Hi Kareen! I can only say that I'm amazed that I could feel changes so quickly! The leg stretching at night has abated a bit but the difference has been in the aches and pains! I'm sure there's still a way to go but I certainly felt a change within a few days! I'm so impressed that I've started giving it to my husband as well. I have to be honest and tell you that I bought a similar powder product from Dischem which was cheaper and thought that it might have been a better option for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t the same as yours and I became constipated! Oops! Didn’t like it at all. Tummies definitely do better with Calm! Geraldine

The Benefits of Using A Calcium Magnesium Supplement

Calcium and magnesium are minerals that are needed by the body to help with a variety of health problems such as; headaches, migraine, depression, arthritis, muscles spasms, sore muscles, epilepsy, osteoporosis, and more, and also helps strengthen the bones, teeth and nails.

Having a deficiency in calcium can cause muscle cramps and nerve spasms as well as a condition of high tension.

Having a deficiency in magnesium can cause a person to become highly strung and volatile. A person’s nervous reactions increase making them sensitive.

CALM Cal Mag: A Natural Tranquillizer for Sleep and Relaxation!

One of the great benefits of calcium and magnesium is it helps you sleep and relax naturally, giving you a good night's rest so you feel less tired when you wake up. It can also help you feel more mentally stable, having a sharper mind, and feeling more alert.

Why Use CALM Cal Mag Supplement?

To be absorbed by the body instantly, calcium and magnesium needs to be made into an acidic form. CALM cal mag supplement, which is in powder form, also has vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which creates the acid form and enters the blood stream directly bypassing the digestive system.

CALM Cal Mag powder is the optimum 2:1 ratio blend of calcium : magnesium in a natural acid base. The blend of minerals (calcium, magnesium and potassium) are reacted with natural acids (ascorbic, citric) to form pre-digested and highly bio-available mineral complexes. The final drink ends up CLEAR, with totally dissolved minerals ready to be absorbed.

The organic chemistry reaction is the key technology that allows these mineral forms to be the most absorbable and easily assimilated by your body. Without the acid-breakdown process, most formulations - especially regular calcium tablets - are not very effective in your body. Potassium is included as an essential electrolyte that also aids in relief of cramping and muscle fatigue.

It isn’t how much Calcium you take but how you absorb it!


Hi Kareen. I found Calm Calmag one of the best supplements that my son has taken! It has helped his concentration dramatically and has clearly made it easier for him to self-regulate his behaviour. We've been using it for the last year. My son, was on Ritalin in Grade 2, much to our disappointment. We decided to take him off at the end of that year because we were really uncomfortable with the inconclusive long-term effects of the drug. Calm was recommended to us by a friend who has a local health shop. The effects have been amazing! He completed Grade 3, only taking organic supplements (including CALM) and obtained an academic top-achiever book prize. I will definitely be ordering again soon! Janet

The Benefits of Magnesium - Dr. Berg
The Benefits of Magnesium - Dr. Berg
Dr. Berg talks about magnesium, the second most common deficiency after potassium.
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Cal Mag - Calcium Magnesium Supplement

200g Powder
149.00 R(VAT incl.)
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