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Aqua Sole Electrolyte Trace Minerals

Aqua Sole Electrolyte Trace Minerals

Electrolyte Trace Minerals
100ml Drops or Spray
R 128.00

Aqua Sole is a completely natural saturated solution of water and Himalayan rock salt with 84 mineral and trace elements. The electrolytes and trace minerals help hydrate, detoxify, and alkaline the body; producing many health benefits.

What does Aqua Sole do?

  • Regulates the body's water and acid/alkaline levels
  • Promotes cellular hydroelectric energy in the body
  • Helps respiratory and digestive functions
  • Aids the supply of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body

Vegan Friendly

Aqua Sole can be used for:

Regulating PH Levels

Blood Sugar Health

Blood Pressure

Respiratory Problems

Digestive Problems

Weight Loss

Bone Health

Arthritic Conditions

Muscle Cramps

Skin, Hair, Nails
Boosting Energy
Vascular Health
Body Detoxification
Natural Anti-histamine
Sleeping Difficulties

Kidneys / Gall Bladder

Skin Problems

Lowering Cravings

Directions for Use:
Drops: add 10 drops to 1ltr of reverse osmosis, distilled or chlorine-free water.
Spray: spray 3 times under the tongue, repeat when needed.

Distilled structured water infused with Himalayan crystal salt.

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