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Ethnomedicine Practitioner in Pretoria
Carina Vorster

Ethnomedicine Practitioner in Pretoria
pH4Life is a natural health and wellness centre using Live Blood Analysis, Bio-scans and pH tests to confirm conditions and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We provide you with a recovery program and our own blood type diet to correct conditions that may have developed. This includes weight loss or weight gain if needed. All our natural therapies and alkalizing supplements and diet are combined to correct over-acidic bodies to become slightly alkaline and healthy.

Our monthly support program will provide new menus and recipes to make your lifestyle changes possible and even enjoyable. We believe that as long as you enjoy your food, you will make the changes necessary for a better life with much more energy, concentration and all round performance.

To find out more or to contact this Ethnomedicine Practitioner in Pretoria, please get in touch using the contact form below.

ETA Scanning

Rife Therapy

Nutritional Coaching
Live Blood Analysis
Ozone Therapy
Bio Scans
Massage Therapy
PH Testing

Please contact me using my contact form below about my services.

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