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X-Malaria Herbal Medicine for Malaria

X-Malaria: Herbal Medicine for Malaria

Herbal Medicine for Malaria
30ml Drops
R 130.00

X-Malaria is a blend of African herbs traditionally used for the treatment and prevention of malaria. It is a natural herbal medicine used for malaria, has antioxidant properties, and many added health benefits.

What does X-Malaria do?

  • Prevents and treats malaria
  • Detoxifies and supports the liver
  • Gives positive cardiovascular effects
  • Improves body immunity

Vegan Friendly

X-Malaria can be used for:


Malaria Protection

Liver Health

Immune System

Liver Detoxification

Parasites and Worms

Bacterial Infections

Fungal Infections

Stomach Ailments

Recommended use:
For Treatment: Adults: 5 drops, 3 times daily in 10ml of water or under the tongue.
For Prevention: Adults: 5 drops, 2 times daily (morning and evening) in 10ml of water or under the tongue. The dosage should be taken 2 days prior to entering a malaria areaand for at least 3 days after leaving the malaria infected area.
Contra Indications: Not to be taken during pregnancy. Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients. If inclined to experience bleeding or if liver and kidney illnesses are present. Overdosing will cause diarrhoea.
Artemisia Afra (Wormwood)
African Herbs
Alcohol and Water Extracts
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