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Homeopathic Doctor Boksburg - Dr Yeshantha Padayachee
Dr. Yeshantha Padayachee

Homeopathic Doctor in Boksburg, Johannesburg
I have a deep passion for health and natural medicine and have always preferred natural treatment for illness. I have a special interest in childhood diseases and diet, stress management, female health and thyroid disorders, and use only natural and clinically tested medicines that are safe for children, adults and pregnant woman.

I believe the human body is capable of healing itself, and with the right nutritional and emotional support, any of your personal wellness goals can be achieved.

For more information about this homeopathic doctor's services in Boksburg, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Homeopathic Medicine


Childhood Diseases

Thyroid Disorders

Diet Analysis
Female Health

Please contact me using my contact form below about my services.

Contact Form
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