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5 Steps to Wellness - STEP 3: Junk Food

Junk Food

Get off junk foods and replace them with the correct foods!

Junk food or fast food are depleted of nutrients and adds a lot of stress to your body and eats up all your energy.

Here is a list of junk food and what to replace with:

Sugar and sugar rich foods - such as jam, jellies, candies, rich desserts, and all package mixes and sweet bakery products; sweet gelatin desserts; prepared puddings.

Cool drinks - imitation fruit drinks; soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, imitation cream (both powdered and liquid).

Too much sugar - a small amount is used for energy and the rest changes to fat. It puts your immune system to sleep. The immune cells (warrior cells) cannot work when there is too much sugar and this allows the germs to grow faster and can keep one sick for a long time.

Alternative - cut out or reduce your sugar amount. Use honey, fructose, stevia or xlitol for sweeteners.

WARNING - sweeteners with aspartame are toxic and can make diabetes conditions worse.

Refined carbohydrates in prepared cereals and in refined cooked cereals (e.g. corn flakes, rice krispies, all bran flakes).

“Wheat” breads (white or brown refined bread); all products made with white refined flour, including so-called “enriched” flour.

Refined carbohydrates digest into sugar (glucose) too fast and give you too much glucose at one time – some is used for energy and the rest turns to fat.

Alternative - seed loaf or Low GI bread, brown flour, muesli with rolled oats (for cereals).

Refined Oil - (sunflower or canola oil, triple refined) and margarine, known as hydrogenated fats (chemically extracted oils) and foods cooked in such fats like potato chips, cocktail snacks and French fries; hydrogenated peanut butters; processed cheeses; causes the onset of heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, gout and skin problems (eczema, dry skin, patches, pimples and acne).

Alternative - use extra virgin olive oil, butter, butter ghee, or palm olein oil.

Mealie Meal - All that is left after processing the mealies is carbohydrates, which contributes to weight gain, obesity and tiredness. The mealies in packets on the supermarket shelves are now known as Refined Carbohydrates.

Alternative - eat raw or boiled mealies, or dried mealies and stone crushed.

Rice - Parboiled rice and white rice are poor in nutrients.

Alternative - Use wild rice, health rice or brown rice.

Start to remove these junk foods in your diet, replace them with proper nutrient rich foods and you will start to feel more energy, become more stable physically and mentally.

You are now ready for STEP 4:

The 5 Steps to Wellness: continued...

Author's Bio
Allan Wohrnitz (BSc) is a nutrition expert and anti-drugs campaigner. He developed the MAXUP health product range and has been an advocate of drug education and awareness for many years, promoting the harmful effects of drugs in schools.
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