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Health Directory Business Listing Terms and Conditions

We endeavour to keep this a HIGH QUALITY natural health practitioner business directory and therefore have set out some simple terms and conditions that will hopefully keep things running smoothly between us. Here they are:

Our Business Listing General Terms and Conditions

1.0 We only accept submissions to our health directory by qualified professional alternative health practitioners and doctors in South Africa that work in the following categories: ayurvedic doctors, chiropractors, dietitians and nutritionists, holistic doctors, homeopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths, osteopaths, personal trainers, and physiotherapists.

1.1 In order to attract more customers to your business, your application needs to be completed in full and with valid details, to include any practice licence numbers (where applicable), training and qualifications. Your listing requires your business email, phone, and physical (or P.O. box) address to be added.

1.2 A picture says a thousand words and attracts people (and business), so we do require you to include a good quality image/picture for your profile. Your picture should either be your company logo or a true recent photo of you.

1.3 This is unfortunate but happens. We do not allow spammy profiles and do not link to spammy, illegal, or unethical websites, or websites we find are linking to such sites. We reserve the right to choose what we consider to be spammy, illegal and unethical - examples of such websites would be built-just-for-ads and affiliates, link farms, pornography, gambling, alcohol, drugs (including cannabis), etc. Any business submissions trying to subscribe to add this type of profile will be rejected. And you will forfeit any payments made.
1.4 High quality content is KING on the internet - helping your business page to rank better. That being said, the text you write for your profile must be original and not copied from any website; it must not already exist on the internet - including from your own website. This is for the benefit of improving your business listing search engine ranking.

1.5 In order for us to keep a HIGH QUALITY directory, we manually review all current business listings for invalid or incorrect information, as well as businesses that have ceased to trade, or have become something else other than what they were initially listed for in this directory. These listings will be removed if they do not align with these terms and our values. We will prompt you periodically to check that your business listing is up-to-date but please contact us to update or change any information on your listing.

1.6 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Once we have published the updated T's and C's on this website they will come into full effect, and you will automatically be subject to them as long as you would like to have a business listing on our website.

Our Paid Listing Terms and Conditions

2.0 All paid BASIC, BOOSTER and SUPER BOOSTER business listings are subject to our general terms and conditions set out above. Please read these terms carefully as we do not give refunds on listings once we have set up your profile page and your initial payment or subscription has started, due to the time taken to manually add it to our directory.

2.1 A paid listing is made through PayFast and paid for in advance. The monthly subscription listings are renewed automatically every month on the anniversary of your sign-up date, until your subscription is cancelled. BASIC listing is just a one-time payment.

2.2 We make it easy for you. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. There are no contracts or minimum time periods, etc. If you do want to cancel, you will need to make sure you cancel BEFORE your next subscription payment is paid. Once payment goes through and you then decide you no longer wish to stay listed on our site we will not refund you that payment, but we will keep your business listed to the end of that payment anniversay. After which, we will either remove or downgrade your listing to BASIC, whichever you option you require.

2.3 The cost of paid listings and subscriptions are subject to change. However, if you already have a paid subscription-based listing on our website, your subscription amount will not change. Your subscription will remain the same except if you cancel but later reinstate it or upgrade from a BASIC listing - after which, you will be subject to the current prices.

2.4 If you cancel your subscription without notifying us, or your subscription stops, we will assume you no longer wish to have a premium listing on our health directory. We will subsequently downgrade your profile to a BASIC listing, or have your business profile removed (if you are no longer in business). If you downgrade, you will of course lose any benefits from having such a premium business listing.

2.5 To help keep this website ranking well and to get you more business, we ask you to inform us of any changes to your listing. We also bring your attention to sections 1.3 and 1.5 of the general terms and that if we find your business no longer in operation or your profile or website links to spammy, illegal, or unethical websites, we will delete your profile page immediately without any chance of reinstatement or refund.

Welcome in Joining Us

We are glad you have decided to join us and list your business on our website. We have many future plans and hope you will be a part of them. Welcome!
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