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Natural Remedies for Hyperactivity

Children can be hyperactive, it's a part of growing up and being excited, so don't let enthusiasm for life become diagnosed as an illness or made a problem. If you or a child finds it difficult to relax and be calm try removing sugar and junk foods from your diet. You can also use one of our natural hyperactivity remedies below. We have vitamin supplements and natural health products for hyperactivity and calming.
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Calcium Magnesium Supplement
200g Powder
R 175.00
Brain and Memory Supplement
225g Powder or 120 Capsules
R 208.80 R 232.00
Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg
60 Capsules
R 160.00
Vitamin B Complex
50 or 100 Capsules
R 180.00
60 (100 mg) Capsules
R 120.00
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