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Supplements for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut is where the digestive tract gets damaged causing larger intestinal holes that allow things to pass through that shouldn't, such as bad bacteria and undigested foods particles. These particles can then go on to causing other illnesses and diseases in your body and so it is very important to handle it. If you have leaky gut then use our natural health products, herbal remedies, vitamins, and leaky gut supplements below to help you.
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Adrenal Fatigue Supplement
150 Capsules
R 310.00
Natural Human Growth Hormone Supplement
150 Capsules
R 305.00
100 Capsules
R 298.00
Herbal Remedy for Digestive System
60 Capsules
R 180.00
12 Strain-5 Billion CFU Probiotic
30 or 60 Capsules
R 209.00
Immune Booster Supplement
225g Powder
R 232.00
12 Strain Efficient Microbe Probiotic
1ltr Juice
R 280.00
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