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Health Shop Randburg

Choose Theta Health as Your Health Shop in Randburg

Since 2008, Theta Health has been a customer focused online health shop in Randburg and throughout South Africa; offering our customers quality health products that help to get rid of unwanted health problems and ailments. The products in our health store include moringa products, vitamins, supplements and a range of herbal medicines made of high quality natural ingredients ensuring they improve our customer's wellbeing. Many of our local health store customers in Randburg use our health shop online to have their health products delivered to Randburg. If you're looking for a Randburg health shop then come and shop with us! We are friendly, efficient and look forward to hearing from you. All my best; Kareen - Health Shop Owner.

Fast Online Health Shop Order Deliveries to RandburgFAST
Order online and get a FAST AFFORDABLE DELIVERY of your products to Randburg.
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Popular Health Store Products
Cal Mag - Calcium Magnesium Supplement
200g Powder
Natural Medicine for Reducing LDL (Bad Cholesterol)
60 Capsules
12 Strain-5 Billion CFU Probiotic
60 Capsules
Immune Booster Supplement
225g Powder
Herbal Antibiotic
30ml Drops
Broad Spectrum Vitamin E for Oxidative Damage
30 Capsules
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