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Keri Care: Herbal Medicine for Osteoporosis

Herbal Medicine for Osteoporosis

Keri Care is a herbal medicine for osteoporosis made from African herbs. It’s a nurturing supplement rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that helps build bone mass and density.

What does Keri Care do?

• Treats osteoporosis
• Strengthens nails and enriches hair
• Increases bone mass and density
• Detoxifies the body

Vegan Friendly
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Herbal Medicine for Bones, Hair and Nails
50ml Drops
113.00 R

Keri Care can be used for:


Brittle Bones

Building Bone Mass

Hair Improvement

Strengthening Nails


General Vitality
Increasing Bone Density
Joint and Muscular Pain

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Recommended use:
Adults: 7 drops, 3 times daily in 10ml of water or under the tongue. 30 minutes before food.
Children: 2-4 drops 3 times daily.

Contra Indications

Not to be used during pregnancy. Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or plant species.


Momordica balsamina L
Alcohol Extracts
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