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Piles Away: Herbal Remedy for Piles

Piles Away Herbal Remedy

Piles Away is a herbal remedy for piles. It is a blend of African herbs made into herbal formula for haemorrhoids and has the added benefits of dramatically reducing constipation, aids the liver and digestive system.

What does Piles Away do?

• Reduces the size of haemorrhoids
• Stops bleeding caused by piles
• Stops itching caused by piles
• Lessens inflammation

Vegan Friendly
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Herbal Remedy for Haemorrhoids

60 Capsules
122.00 R

Piles Away can be used for:

Haemorrhoid Pain

Piles Bleeding

Itching Piles

Inflammation from Piles

Reducing Size of Piles

Beneficial for Liver

Digestive System

Regulate the Bowel


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Recommended use:
For hemorrhoids: 3 to 4 capsules daily, ½ hour before meals with a full glass of water.
For constipation: one capsule in the morning and at lunch time with a full glass of water and three capsules before going to bed with a hot beverage.
Piles Away should be taken for at least a month. Results depend on the severity of hemorrhoids or constipation. Even with patients suffering from severe cases of hemorrhoids, results should be felt within days.
Contra Indications
Not to be taken during pregnancy. Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients.
Ingredients - Per Capsule
Mormodica Balsamina L
Magnesium Stearate
The Piles Away works like a bomb, along with witch hazel! There was a very definite pain at first which made my legs feel weak and I was very tired. I took 2 Piles Away in one go, which took some of the pain away immediately and made it slightly more comfortable. I then dabbed my piles with witch hazel. Both together, they took the pain away and reduced the size. While lying in bed I let the witch hazel soak in and by morning I was basically back to normal. I took another 2 Piles Away and I hardly even know my piles are there! I'm continuing with the Piles Away and witch hazel until there is no more bump and internally my body is better.    Nicola - Customer
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