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Astra Viral Aid: Best Antiviral Supplement

Astra Viral Aid: MAXUP

Antiviral Supplement
60 Capsules
R 195.00

Astra Viral Aid: Antiviral Supplement

MAXUP Astra Viral Aid is a natural antiviral supplement made from a special herbal formula that is effective against infections, viruses, bacteria, colds and flu.

What does Astra Viral Aid do?

  • Fights colds, flu and infections
  • Helps reduce chronic inflammation (arthritis, sports injuries)
  • For chronic lung weakness (TB, Asthma, Emphysema, etc)
  • Fights harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Helps boost your immune system
  • Increases white blood cell and T-cell count

Astra Viral Aid can be used for:

Adrenal Exhaustion


Angina / Heart

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis


Bacterial Infections



Chest Infections

Colds and Flu



Epstein-Barr Virus EBV

Fatigue / Lethargy

Gall Bladder



Joint Pain



Sinus Infections

Directions for Use
At first signs of colds or flu:
ADULTS: Two capsules with water three times a day, for three to four days. Thereafter one capsule three times a day.

As an Immune System Booster:
ADULTS: Two capsules with water daily.
CHILDREN (over 6): Half adult dose or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.
Always consult your healthcare professional before taking this or any other product particularly in the case of children, pregnancy, breast-feeding, suffering from a serious health condition, diabetes, alcohol dependence, any liver disease, on any medication or treatment or if symptoms persist for more than one week. Free from artificial preservatives, flavourings, colouring, or other additives.
Ingredients - Per Capsule
Dry herbal extracts equivalent to:
120 mg
100 mg
100 mg
Olive Leaf
50 mg
Elder Flower
50 mg
Capsuling Ingredients: Hard shell gelatin capsule, magnesium stearate. Suitable for kosher, halaal, and diabetic diets.
I wanted something to boost my immune system in preparation for dental surgery to remove a bacterial infection in my jaw. Well I had the operation and within 3 days I am up and about and feeling amazingly energised! Considering that 10 months ago when I had the same operation it took me over a week to recover from the side effects of the anaesthetic and more than a month to start to feel “normal” again, I am sure what made the difference was the Astra-Viral Aid! I was dreading this op and its after-effects. Now it’s over, and it was such a breeze, I’m really pleased that I followed your advice!
J.C. - Customer

How Does Astra Viral Aid Supplement Work?

Astra Viral Aid is a natural antiviral supplement made from antiviral herbs and herbal formula (Astragalus, Andrographis, Echinacea, Olive Leaf and Elder Flower) that has been formulated to have and deliver anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It activates and speeds up the immune system to fight colds and flu and helps to stop the growth and multiplication of viruses inside or outside the cells before it destroys the cells.

Astra Viral Aid increases the effectiveness of the white blood cells, T-cells and anti-bodies. It helps to rapidly increase the production of white blood cells: CD4 cells (the warrior cells of the immune system). It also works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammations in the joints, heart, kidneys, liver, intestines, etc.

What Else Does This Anti Viral Supplement Do?

AIDS: Astragalus has been shown to be effective against AIDS, cancer and tumours (ref: Phyllis A Balch). The herbs in Astra Viral Aid act on viruses and prevent them from entering the cells. They also stop viruses from multiplying inside the cells, hence prevents cells from being destroyed by the virus.

HIV VIRUS: Astra Viral Aid inhibits the replication of the HIV virus. It stops it from attacking the T-cells and makes it unable to destroy them. The T-Cells are key to the immune system as it sends messages to other parts of the immune system to tell them to produce more anti bodies to fight any viruses, bacteria or parasites present. If the T-Cells are damaged, the immune system comes to a standstill and any bacteria, virus or parasite present can destroy the cells and create more illness.

T-CELLS: Astra Viral Aid stimulates the production of the white blood cells and T-cells, which is a key factor in boosting the immune system. The white blood cells and T-Cells are made up of proteins and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). In order for the body to produce them, the protein and EFA intake should be increased. Proteins which are pre-digested like hydrolyzed proteins are good sources. Proteins with enzymes are better as the enzymes aid digestion and ensure the proteins are digested and they provide a higher concentration of amino-acids to build up the immune system cells.

ANTIBODIES: Astra Viral Aid also helps to increase the production of anti-bodies, a key substance in the immune system to mark and identify any viruses, bacteria and parasites so the white blood cells can engulf them and get rid of them from the body. Anti-bodies are also made up of proteins and also need vitamins and minerals to make them functional.

WORMS: Astra Viral Aid kills worms that are resident in the lymphatic system. Those worms are known to block the system. The lymphatic system carries waste, viruses and bacteria to its lymphatic nodes where white blood cells are in high concentrations and are waiting to get rid of them (tonsils are one of the nodes in the lymphatic system). The lymphatic system is like the blood stream and it carries waste that has accumulated between the cells, in the tissues and that waste is not collected in the blood. The waste together with any viruses, bacteria and parasites that happened to be in the tissues get collected into the lymphatic stream and are transported to nodes where there is a high concentration of white blood cells waiting to eat them up or get rid of them.

HEART AND ARTERIES: Astra Viral Aid protects the heart muscles. If the heart muscles happened to have a shortage of oxygen due to blockages in the arteries, the heart muscle is prone to damage. Astra Viral Aid reduces the risk of the damage when the oxygen supply is back to normal.

INFLAMMATIONS: Astra Viral Aid stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory hormones. It helps reduce inflammations in the joints and the body’s major organs (liver, kidney, lungs, heart, etc). The anti-inflammatory hormones are cortisone-based hormones produced by the adrenals. The adrenals are protected by Vitamin C; hence Vitamin C must be given to those with inflammations to ensure the adrenals will produce the needed hormones. Cortisone hormones need large amounts of Vitamin B5 (500 to 1000mg daily - when inflammations are critical), Omega 3 Oils and a smaller quantity of B Complex (25mg) until the inflammation is reduced.

ANTI-AGEING: Astra Viral Aid has anti-ageing properties by prolonging the life span of all the cells, increasing longevity in oneself. This is done as Astra Viral Aid protects the cells from being damaged inside the cells by any virus that could have entered. Once a virus has entered a cell, the cell eventually gets destroyed. Astra Viral Aid helps the cell produce a substance inside the cell called Interferon, which prevents the virus from multiplying and destroying the cell at the same time. The action of Interferon also prevents the cells from becoming cancerous.

CANCER: Astra Viral Aid has anti-cancer properties - it helps fight cancer cells.

INFECTIONS: The natural antiviral herbs in Astra Viral Aid help with TB Tuberculosis infections, vaginal yeast infections, colds and flu, help reduce diarrhoea, protects the liver and gall bladder and is good for children who are prone to recurring infections.

How to Build Your Immune System to Reduce Viral Infections

It will help you stay healthy and strong naturally by:

  1. Using Astra Viral Aid natural antiviral herbs to stop the growth of germs (viruses) and prevent their multiplication. Astra Viral Aid and anti oxidants – stops viruses, bacteria, parasites from multiplying and detoxifies the toxins present.
  2. Eating good proteins. Whey protein, fish, chicken, soya, eggs, milk, sorghum, beans, lentils, brown rice to build the army of warrior cells. Use good quality protein, which are enzyme active or proteins together with digestive enzymes. If digestion is a problem, take a quality probiotic to soothe the digestive system.
  3. Taking vitamin C (2000mg to 5000mg) daily and vitamin B5 (500mg to 1000mg) - (Adrenal Repair contains the exact balance of vitamin C and vitamin B5 to feed the adrenals). Then reduce the doses and maintain on 250mg vitamin B5, 2000mg vitamin C. If the person is not under stress, dosages can be reduced and maintained on a good multi vitamin and mineral.
  4. Using Omega 3 - preferably fish oils - to produce the needed adrenal hormones which are oil based.
  5. Using a good multi vitamin and mineral with a dosage of 25mg of B Complex until illness reduced. Use MV3000 multi vitamin and mineral supplement.

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