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Herbal Remedy for Epilepsy

Epi-Less: Herbal Remedy for Epilepsy

Herbal Remedy for Epilepsy
60 Capsules
R 175.00

Epi-Less is a herbal formula for epilepsy. Made from a blend African herbs and natural ingredients, Epi-Less is effective in assisting with and reducing epileptic fits and seizures.

What does Epi-Less do?

  • Reduces the intensity of epileptic fits
  • Reduces the frequency of fits
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Reduces mood swings and irritability

Vegan Friendly

Epi-Less can be used for:


Reduced Intensity of Fits

Mood Swings

General Health

Reduced Frequency of Fits


Improved Sleep



Recommended use:
Adults: as a herbal supplement - 3-4 capsules daily, 1/2 hour before meals with a full glass of water.
Contra Indications: Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species, iodine, shellfish or ingredients.
Epi-Less contains no: sugar, artificial chemicals, gluten, corn, dairy, yeast and is sodium free.
Epi-Less contains Marine/Coral calcium. If unsure, contact your medical practitioner. Not to be taken during pregnancy. May cause heartburn similarly to the one experienced while eating spicy foods.
Ingredients - Per Capsule
Calcium (Coral / Marine)
Magnesium Stearate

More About Epi-Less Herbal Remedy

Epi-Less is a medicinal African herbal remedy for epilepsy which can be taken as an epilepsy herbal supplement along with conventional treatments. Its herbal formula is based on knowledge of African herbal medicine and its natural ingredients are traditionally used to treat epilepsy as well as balance any abnormal rhythms of nerve-cell discharges. It doesn't cause its users to feel sleepy but improves concentration, disposition, mobility and equilibrium.

The Gladiolus herb species, which is one of the ingredients of this Epilepsy herbal remedy, is used by herbalists as one of the main herbs for natural epilepsy treatments, "bad sleep" and mental disorders. The African gladiolus species naturally balances the nervous system as well as some body functions and emotional state. Because of this, it is considered one of the fundamental healing herbs of Africa. This plant is increasingly attracting the attention of scientists and researchers because of its extraordinary ethno botanical record for diseases of the nervous system.

The Benefits of Epi-Less Herbal Remedy for Epilepsy

Epi-Less assists patients by reducing the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures. Some added benefits of Epi-Less, aside from assisting in naturally reducing epileptic fits, are that it assists in improving a good mental disposition, restores your equilibrium, assists in reducing moods swings and assists in lessening irritability.

Using this epilepsy herbal remedy, patients have reported improvements within days and homeopaths dispensing Epi-Less have described excellent results with adults and children alike. One of the most visible signs of Epi-Less is the dramatic decrease of aggression at the onset of epileptic seizures. Some patients have reported a total loss of epileptic seizures after a course of three months. It has also been reported that, even after a period of two years, there has been no recurrence of epilepsy seizures.
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