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Piles Away Herbal Remedy

Piles Away: Herbal Africa

Herbal Remedy for Haemorrhoids
60 Capsules
R 180.00

Piles Away: Herbal Remedy for Piles

Piles Away is a herbal remedy for piles. It is a blend of African herbs made into a herbal formula for haemorrhoids and has the added benefits of dramatically reducing constipation, aiding the liver and digestive system.

What does Piles Away do?

  • Reduces the size of haemorrhoids
  • Stops bleeding caused by piles
  • Stops itching caused by piles
  • Lessens inflammation

Vegan Friendly
Piles Away can be used for:

Haemorrhoid Pain

Piles Bleeding

Itching Piles

Inflammation from Piles

Reducing Size of Piles

Beneficial for Liver

Digestive System

Regulate the Bowel


Recommended use:
For haemorrhoids: 3 to 4 capsules daily, ½ hour before meals with a full glass of water.
For constipation: one capsule in the morning and at lunch time with a full glass of water and three capsules before going to bed with a hot beverage.
Piles Away should be taken for at least a month. Results depend on the severity of haemorrhoids or constipation. Even with patients suffering from severe cases of haemorrhoids, results should be felt within days.
Contra Indications: Not to be taken during pregnancy. Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients.
Ingredients - Per Capsule
Mormodica Balsamina L
Magnesium Stearate
The Piles Away works like a bomb, along with witch hazel! There was a very definite pain at first which made my legs feel weak and I was very tired. I took 2 Piles Away in one go, which took some of the pain away immediately and made it slightly more comfortable. I then dabbed my piles with witch hazel. Both together, they took the pain away and reduced the size. While lying in bed I let the witch hazel soak in and by morning I was basically back to normal. I took another 2 Piles Away and I hardly even know my piles are there! I'm continuing with the Piles Away and witch hazel until there is no more bump and internally my body is better.
Nicola - Customer
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